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Through automation and streamlining of sales and marketing related activities and processes, SALES360 CRM can help you move prospects quickly through the sales funnel and convert them into customers. It helps to craft more effective marketing strategies and attract more customers.

SALES360 tracks customer behavior and records their preferences and helps your sales team provide, quick, efficient, and personalized service – which leads to happy customers. All customer information is stored in a central database so that any team member has all the information at the fingertips, and can gain valuable insights into customer behavior, and serve them efficiently.

You can get the CRM solution implemented in just one day. Sales 360 Team offers continued customer support to ensure your solution is running smoothly.

Your data is secure with SALES360 CRM. Without your express permission, we do not release your information to anyone. Moreover, we backup your data, and take every precaution to secure your data from cyberattacks, malware, and so on by implementing multi-layer security.

By registering or providing the information on the online form page or providing your personal information via other channels like chats and emails, you consent to SALES360's collection and storage of your personal information provided. We will never share your personal information outside of SALES360 and is solely for our internal use.

SALES360 stores client data over secure AWS cloud platform and has control over storage and movement of CRM data within the organization. This includes implementing and enforcing data retention policies and preventing unauthorized movement and storage of data.

Unlike the popular and widely available CRM solutions in the market, SALES360 is highly affordable and extremely intuitive – meaning you don’t have to spend time and money to train your employees on using it, and can implement and use SALES360 with minimal business disruption. It focuses intensely on the sales and marketing, which eventually helps to increase revenues. It is scalable and flexible and can be tweaked to fit your exact requirements.

SALES360 CRM puts all customer information in a centrally accessible database, so you can speed up and streamline your sales process. You can easily move your leads through the sales funnel and convert them into customers. SALES360 CRM provides an efficient way of scoring and routing leads, tracking activities and opportunities, and gaining visibility into deals and their phases, and more. It helps you maintain a record of the relationship your business has with prospects and customers – including call logs and notes, conversations, quotes, and so on. It allows anyone from the sales team to speak confidently to the customer as they have access to this record.

Being an effective and affordable CRM solution which is very easy to learn to use, SALES360 has gained immense popularity among small and medium business. Currently, about of businesses are using SALES360 CRM.

In addition to on-premises and cloud software, SALES360 CRM mobile app is also available.

Solution helps to streamline your business processes – especially sales and marketing; it automates repetitive tasks, eliminates duplication, minimizes errors, and boosts efficiency and productivity. SALES360 CRM helps your sales team provide better customer service and increase revenue and overall profitability.

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